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The aims of this site are as follows:-

1) To showcase relevant Royal Crown Derby® collections of the relevant period and thereby provide a useful reference for Collectors.  

2) To build upon the resource by including images from other collections (with appropriate acknowledgements given).

3) To celebrate the skill and artistry of the workforce.

4) To promote interest, debate and further research into the factory's production and activities during the period.


I am indebted to the Royal Crown Derby® Museum Trustees for providing access to the museum and museum archive, especially to the pattern books for the period.

I am very grateful to Mrs Sue Eedle MA (Cantab) for interpreting the Arabic writing in the Overseas Commissions section.

Miss H Goodsell MA has kindly undertaken extensive research on the Derby Evening Telegraph Archive 1950-62.

The Derby Telegraph has very kindly allowed me to include photographs taken by the paper's photographers.

I would also like to thank UK auction houses for their patience in providing factory mark images etc. especially the Directors and Staff of BAMFORDS and HANSONS Auctioneers, without whose support it would not have been possible to form the collection.

A special thanks to the Internet Sellers based worldwide who made it all possible.

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Pottery Gazette and Glass Trades Review - Various articles 1938-1957

GB Patent – GB325842 325,842 Robinson H T Nov 30 1928 – Improvements in setters employed for firing china.

 The Story of Derby China – undated pamphlet

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 Thomas Goode Brochure and Price List – C1950 – includes shapes outlines – Patterns 2451, Ashby, Medway, Chatsworth & Asian Rose Illustrated

 Crown Derby Porcelain - Brayshaw Gilhespy – 1951 – Copy presented to W W Randle Esq by “Mr Robinson” chairman of Directors

 New Price Scales – December 1952 Includes story of crown derby leaflet. Gives price differential for UK and Canadian Markets

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Order for a banquet service for 24 persons - 27th January 1958

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