Floral Pieces and China Handled Cutlery


Floral Pieces. Re-introduced after the war these were hand made and enamelled by very skilled craftswomen. They  are prone to damage as is evident from some of the images, and at present rather out of fashion and unappreciated.

Brooches and Earrings sold as boxed sets

Place Card Holders, sold in boxed sets. i have seen one with cipher as late as 1986.


China Handled Cutlery

Re-introduced after the war and sold in large quantities, especially in the Vine and Mikado patterns. Unfortunately it fares particularly badly in a dishwasher, the metalwork is liable to corrode and split the handles, (especially when stored in damp conditions) and it is easily impact damaged. There are two unknown patterns and if anyone can shed any light on these it would be appreciated!